King Coffee’s coffee shop chains have rapidly expanded, as 18 big and small-sized King Coffee shops have opened in less than 5 months. Madame Thao said she stayed true to the goal of opening 1,000 coffee shops all over the country and the first King Coffee shop in the United States and other countries. The founder’s idea was to create a connection between quintessence and creativity in a space known as "Coffee for the World - the World of Coffee".

King Coffee gradually launched 3 models of coffee shop in the Vietnam market, then in the United States and Europe.

"KING COFFEE Premium” coffee shop model: King Coffee's preeminent difference when compared to other coffee brands is that with each drink, customers may choose to explore and enjoy different types of coffee from many countries from around the world such as Vietnam, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, and more. In addition, a contemporary space and subtle luxurious royalty theme, along with counter payment and table service (semi-service) would make King Coffee’s coffee shop a perfect place for hospitality and excellent service for talks, business discussions, and customer group meetings.

KING COFFEE Express/kiosk coffee shop model: Compact and dynamic coffee shops located in high-exposure locations, serving fast and efficient take-away.

KING COFFEE Luxury coffee shop model: Opening soon to meet the demand of those who enjoy high-class cuisine in accordance with international 5-star standards, aimed at the segment of customers who prefer ambiance and sophistication with their products and services.

In addition to enjoying coffee at the coffee shop, customers visiting King Coffee’s coffee shop chain can also buy our quality coffee beans or quality roasted ground coffee to use at home. Madame Le Hoang Diep Thao called this the comparison coffee shop model, which is supported by customers.